Today on The Kona Edge we chat to the 2015 Ironman Age Group World Champion Malte Bruns once again and ask him about his  Ironman run strategy and what it takes to win an Ironman World Championship title.


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome back onto another edition of The Kona Edge, I’m Brad Brown and we head back to Germany once again, another returning guest. He is the Ironman Age Group World Champion, Malte Bruns, he won his age group and was the first amateur home on the Big Island in 2015, Malte, welcome back, nice to catch up again.

MALTE BRUNS:  Hello, hello.

Get out there and do your Ironman run

BRAD BROWN:  Malte, let’s talk about running. You obviously love running, you don’t get to win races like that if you’re not a big fan of running. You’ve been doing it for a long time too, you ran a bit of cross country and 1500m growing up. You didn’t have the speed, is endurance something you love doing from a running perspective as well?

MALTE BRUNS:  Yeah, I mean I like the intervals, doing my time on the track, but I also just enjoy running for an hour, just being outside. You know all the different sensations you get, I mean I can’t stand running with music because I just like hearing what’s going on around me and nature is always nice and sometimes when you go out in specific weather, the smell of nature, all that, that’s really fascinating to me. I always enjoy my runs. There’s never a run where I feel bad about going out. I mean often you sit there at home on the couch and think, yeah, I have to go out for a run now, but once you’re out of the door, put on your shoes, it’s never bad, it’s always amazing.

BRAD BROWN:  You spend a lot of time on the indoor trainer, on the bike, do you do any of your runs on a treadmill, depending on weather, or are you pretty much always out there, even if it’s cold and snowing?

MALTE BRUNS:  I’m almost always out there, maybe just when I come home late at night or something I use my dad’s cross trainer a bit, but I can’t stand running on a treadmill, I always like to be outside.

BRAD BROWN:  Is there one thing you’ve done in your career with regards to training that you feel has really improved your run over time?

MALTE BRUNS:  I mean the time when I was racing 1500, we did like 200m on the track and everything, that really gave me the base speed which I still profit from today, otherwise this year, same as the bike, train a lot.

Is volume the secret to your Kona success?

BRAD BROWN:  Just volume, volume, volume! We laugh about the amount of volume, I saw something on social media that you had posted your numbers for 2015 across all three disciplines, I don’t know if you know those numbers offhand, but when we talk about training lots, you’re not scared of training lots. Do you know those numbers offhand, can you share them with us?

MALTE BRUNS:  Yeah I had 1 167km of swimming, 28 415km on the bike and 4 049-ish km of running.

BRAD BROWN:  I’m lost for words Malte, that is huge! I think for a lot of people that look at that and go, that is just absolutely crazy, but you found something that works for you and you’re sticking to it.

MALTE BRUNS:  Yeah, that’s just exactly right. I mean after Kona I thought okay, it was always kind of the thing, doing like on average 10km a day, so I wanted to do 3 650km this year and then when I reached that point I just decided yeah, maybe I can do 4 000. I was never close to that amount of running in a year, so it was just so cool when I was able to clock all those km’s in.

BRAD BROWN:  Are you going to change anything with you turning pro, from a running perspective? You mentioned the intensity, those 200’s when you were doing 1500 on the track, are you planning on introducing more high intensity stuff and quality as opposed to just spending time on your legs and running?

MALTE BRUNS:  Yeah, I really want to do more of the sprints again, just to keep the speed. Also, I just started doing more long runs, usually all my runs were pretty much averaged around 12-16km or 18km maybe and yeah, this winter I started doing a lot of longer runs, maybe around 30km with a couple of friends, just to change the routine a bit.

BRAD BROWN:  From a gear perspective, what are you running in shoes-wise?

MALTE BRUNS:  Just got a sponsorship deal with ON shoes, so that’s what I’m running in the next season and also at the moment.

BRAD BROWN:  Awesome and as far as gadgets, do you run with a heart rate monitor or is it just mostly to feel?

MALTE BRUNS:  To feel, I just can’t stand the breast straps for the heart rate, so I never really got into it and as I train, I don’t feel the need for the heart rate.

BRAD BROWN:  Awesome, Malte, thank you very much for your time once again here on The Kona Edge, looking forward to catching up next time around where we’re going to just touch on your nutrition strategy and what you’ve done from a nutrition point of view. As always, great to catch up, we look forward to doing it again soon.

MALTE BRUNS:  Yeah, later.

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