On this edition of The Kona Edge we catch up with a phenomenal runner, Corey Deveaux.  He reveals what he has changed in his Ironman run strategy to be hitting PR’s this year and how he feels about running.  He shares his experience of Ironman Lake Placid with us where he cut the tape being the first to cross the finish line.


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome onto yet another edition of The Kona Edge, it’s brilliant to have you join us today and I am super excited about this chat because our guest today is a phenomenal runner. He got into it on a whim but has incredible talent on the run and we head back to Nova Scotia in Canada. Corey Deveaux, welcome back on, nice to touch base.

COREY DEVEAUX:  Thank you, nice to chat again.

Ironman run not on the cards for first time half marathon runner making phenomenal time

BRAD BROWN:  Corey, I love the story about how you started in the sport of triathlon, how it all started with running and you signed up for a half marathon a week later, you ran your first one and ran a 1:35 which is phenomenal, you’ve obviously got some serious chops on the run.

COREY DEVEAUX:  Yeah, thank you, it came pretty naturally. I’m no super, I’m not a superfast runner, for my standards, but I’m certainly pretty good.

BRAD BROWN:  You’re also a Boston qualifier.

COREY DEVEAUX:  Yes, I ran Boston in 2012 and this year actually.

BRAD BROWN:  How cool was that experience? As an out and out runner, Boston is the Holy Grail, it’s like Kona for triathlon, it must be pretty special to run that race.

COREY DEVEAUX:  It is, it’s an incredible experience. The course from start to finish is lined with spectators. I think I heard somewhere that there was a million spectators along the course, so since the bombings in 2013 too, it’s just really special being there, so it was an awesome experience.

BRAD BROWN:  Let’s talk about the role of a run in an Ironman and particularly doing well in an Ironman, people say you can win a race if you’re a great cyclist, but let’s be honest, it boils down to being a great runner.

COREY DEVEAUX:  Absolutely, you can have the best bike split of anyone, you can be the fastest cyclist in the world, if you can’t back it up with a run, you’re done, so the run is very, very important.

Coming up from 4th position to overall win in his Ironman run at Lake Placid

BRAD BROWN:  You’ve dipped under three in stand-alone marathons, you’ve had a couple of pretty decent run performances in Ironman as well and what I want to touch on was the 2015 Lake Placid, you ran a 3:09 there, you won overall, you were the first man home, that must have been a phenomenal experience. It’s one thing winning your age group, it’s one thing actually cutting that tape and being the first person to cross that finish line.

COREY DEVEAUX:  It’s very special. It still gives me chills thinking about it and looking back at the pictures and I can’t even believe that I did that. It was unbelievable. Yeah, I did run a 3:09 that day, I think I was in 4th position when I finished the bike and I was able to run down the three people ahead of me. It was a really hot day, coming from Nova Scotia, our summer last year sucked, it was miserable, cold, rainy, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to get used to running in the heat, so when we went to Lake Placid, it was a scorcher of a day, so I was surprised at how my body handled the temperature as well, so it was a great day.

BRAD BROWN:  I’m sure, and one you’ll never forget, of that I’ve got absolutely no doubt. Let’s talk about what you feel gives you the edge on the run, what do you love doing? What really fires you up from a running perspective?

COREY DEVEAUX:  I think running compared to the other two sports in triathlon is that one sport where you can just become like, get in your head and kinda just become one with your body. That might not make a lot of sense to some people, but if you’ve ever experienced the runner’s high, I don’t often feel that swimming or biking, but I do feel it running. I think running is just a great feeling when you’re running well, especially in a race, if that makes sense.

BRAD BROWN:  It makes 100% sense, it’s almost a type of meditation, that’s the way I feel about it, and I get exactly what you’re saying, you can almost switch off and forget that you’re running, it’s a weird feeling.

COREY DEVEAUX:  Exactly, cause when you swim, you’re focusing on, well just not drowning for one, and the bike some of the speeds you hit on the bike, you always have to watch out for things and be aware of your surroundings, but the run you can just let yourself go and get in a zone and I love that about it.

Become one with your body in your consistent Ironman run training

BRAD BROWN:  Corey, you’ve obviously got some talent, there’s no two ways about it, you don’t run the times you run without having it, but would you say there’s something you’ve done over your career that’s really helped your run and improved your run and if you could nail it down to one thing?

COREY DEVEAUX:  Again, being consistent and I’m always running, I don’t run a whole lot of mileage compared to just people who are just runners. I think my mileage for a week would be anywhere from 50-70km, on average, but again, it’s consistency and running with a purpose. I don’t just, sometimes I just go out and run, very easy, like I don’t take a Garmin with me, I won’t take my heart rate monitor, I’ll just run very easy and then other days I have a workout and I follow it, but being consistent and I’ve been fairly lucky to avoid injury – knock on wood – over the last five years I haven’t had a whole lot of injuries, so that has been probably the main reason for my success so far.

BRAD BROWN:  How many pairs of running shoes you reckon you’ve been through in the last 6 years?

COREY DEVEAUX:  20-25 I’d probably say around 4-5 pairs a year.

BRAD BROWN:  What do you run in?

COREY DEVEAUX:  This year I’m running in Zoot’s, I was very lucky enough to get a sponsorship with Team Zoot Canada this year, but before that I was running in Saucony Kinvara as my main shoe, but this year I’m running in various Zoot brands and they’re fantastic. I’m hitting PB’s this year, almost every race, so things are looking good.

Short, hard interval Ironman run workouts gives Corey Deveaux the edge

BRAD BROWN:  Awesome stuff, Corey, favourite run workout, what do you absolutely love doing?

COREY DEVEAUX:  I like track workouts, I like short stuff, hard intervals where you’re there and you’re trying to keep up with your body, but I like longer tempos as well. One of my favourite workouts last year to prepare me for Ironman Lake Placid was I would go out and do a 15 minute warm up and I would do 20 minutes at 7 minutes per mile, 20 minutes at 6:40 per mile and then 20 minutes at 6:20 per mile. You got faster in 20 minute intervals over the course of the hour, that was probably one of my favourite workouts. Maybe long tempos would be my favourite.

BRAD BROWN:  Awesome stuff. Corey Deveaux, thank you so much for joining us here on The Kona Edge today. We look forward to catching up again soon. Thanks for your time mate.

COREY DEVEAUX:  Thank you very much, thanks for having me.

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