On this edition of The Kona Edge we chat cycling with Ryan Giuliano who strangely reveals his preference for training indoors on the bike.  He shares how it helps to push the limits and dial into his efforts so he can see the numbers go up. We learn why hiss bike is a never-ending work in progress.


BRAD BROWN:  You’re listening to The Kona Edge, it’s time to chat some cycling and we head back to Illinois and it’s a great pleasure to welcome Ryan Giuliano back onto the podcast. Ryan, welcome onto The Kona Edge again, thanks for joining us today.

RYAN GIULIANO:  Definitely, thanks for having me, always a pleasure.

BRAD BROWN:  Let’s talk about your bike. You’re pretty quick on the bike, it’s obviously something you love doing, what do you love about riding bikes? For me, it makes me feel like a kid again, for you, what drives you to get out there and put in the hours?

Training indoors to dial in your efforts

RYAN GIULIANO:  Actually for me, I think it’s more so trying to push myself to limits that I haven’t been able to achieve before and I actually prefer to ride indoors quite a bit. Even when the weather is nice outside, a lot of times I’ll stick the bike on the trainer just so I can dial in efforts and see my specific numbers that I’m able to hit and dial in and I think that’s sort of what drives me, is seeing the numbers go up and knowing that I’m getting consistently better year after year.

BRAD BROWN:  I’m amazed at that, I don’t know if I’ve just got this aversion to being on an indoor trainer, but any opportunity to get outdoors, I’m the total opposite. You mentioned about being in control of things and making sure that you are on top of numbers, is it a lot easier to do it on an indoor and if you are obsessed with that, indoor is the way to go?

RYAN GIULIANO:  Yeah, I definitely think it can help. A lot of times when you’re riding outside, you’re getting stopped by a stoplight or you’re on a road that’s undulating, so you’re going uphill and downhill, it’s just a little bit harder to control your efforts and dial them in and also, the biggest thing for me too, is the safety part of things. I just like knowing that nothing is going to happen to me, I can just pedal away indoors and know that I’ll be safe and get a really good workout in.

BRAD BROWN: Heart rate, Power, what’s the deal, do you use them both?

RYAN GIULIANO:  Primarily just Power. Once in a while I’ll stick on the heart rate monitor, but everything is based around the Power numbers.

BRAD BROWN:  What’s the biggest thing your Power meter has taught you?

You can push a little more based on the numbers

RYAN GIULIANO:  The biggest part I think for me, has been knowing that I can push a little bit more than I thought I could. Coming from a running background, I think it was sort of hard to learn how to push myself on the bike. I knew how to run hard and push myself to my limits, but on the bike there were a lot of times where I would slack a little bit and once you see that number drop a little bit, you know that, oh, I should be able to go a little bit harder and you can pick it back up, so just knowing that, seeing those set numbers and what I know that I can handle, has been the biggest part for me.

BRAD BROWN:  Now that you’re coaching as well, do you think that’s something a lot of age groupers do, they almost, there’s a place to hide on a bike whereas there’s no place to hide in the run?

RYAN GIULIANO:  Yeah, I’ve noticed that with a lot of athletes that I work with and especially when they’re coming from a running background, they don’t know how to push themselves fully on the bike and so when you see those Power meter readings, you can’t hide from it. The number is the number, so if you’re not hitting it, you know you’re not putting in the work that you should be.

BRAD BROWN:  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

RYAN GIULIANO:  Good and bad I guess.

BRAD BROWN:  Ryan, as far as workouts go, you mentioned indoor, what’s your favourite workout to do on the indoor?

RYAN GIULIANO:  I like doing all out one minute bursts, I just love to see it shoot up those Power numbers, get them as high as I can go and then taking a short rest and repeating. It’s just a killer workout and you get a lot out of it in a short amount of time. Especially for a lot of times when I’m just crunched for time or just don’t have a lot of time where I can put in a longer effort, just doing that really short stuff, you get a lot out of it and you don’t have to put in the crazy long hours to get a benefit.

BRAD BROWN:  How many reps would you typically do?

RYAN GIULIANO:  Right around 20 x 1 minute, taking either a 1 minute or 90 seconds in between each one.

BRAD BROWN:  As far as bike goes, what bike are you riding at the moment?

RYAN GIULIANO:  Right now I’m riding a Javelin, there was a custom built bike for me, they just released a new model this year, it’s called the Maggiore and it’s a really nice ride. I’ve been liking riding it this year.

About the fit for aerodynamic performance

BRAD BROWN:  As far as position on the bike, I saw a couple of your pictures from Kona 2016 and you’ve got a very aggressive style on the bars, is it something you’ve worked on, that that aerodynamic position and making sure you’re as low as possible?

RYAN GIULIANO:  Yeah, that’s been a work in progress over the years. When I first started out in the sport I had no clue what I was doing, just sort of trusted almost what the fitters told me at the bike shop and whatever was comfortable, but I would say almost an aggressive position, you almost have to adapt to it over time, in getting your body to respond to it. So, making those small changes, maybe even a little bit lower, a little bit longer in the front, I’ve changed my position and my wife always makes fun of me because there’s a lot of times when we’re riding on the trainers and in the middle of the ride I’ll just hop out and make a small tweak and adjust it and then test it for the next set. I’m always making little tweaks and modifications, trying to dial in the fit. It’s definitely a work in progress and it’s never-ending.

BRAD BROWN:  I’m sure. Ryan, always great to catch up, thanks for your time today here on The Kona Edge, much appreciated. Look forward to delving into your run, but we’ll save that for next time.

RYAN GIULIANO:  All right, definitely, thanks for having me.