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Are you tired of spending hours and hours in the water and not seeing a marked improvement to your swim times?


Is it becoming harder and harder to stay motivated to train because you’re not seeing any improvements? Do you get bored in the pool and because the improvements are so slight, you’re not sure it’s worth the all effort? Are you confused about whether you should be spending time fixing your swim stroke or is that time better spent simply swimming more?

Sound familiar?

If you’re constantly out of breath during the swim or if you find that you fatigue quickly, then this is for you. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck.

I’ve interviewed over 100 of the best Ironman Age Group triathletes in the world to find out what they do to get faster in the water. I’ve gone through each of those interviews with a fine tooth comb and picked out the habits and workouts that they all have in common.

I’ve distilled their answers and workouts down into this exclusive eBook:

The Kona Edge Presents:




Tips, tricks & the 10 Swim Sets that will shave minutes off your swim time, without spending more time in the water…

Take Minutes Off

Take them on board and you’ll shave minutes off your Ironman swim time, guaranteed!

Strong Out The Water

You’ll not only swim faster, but you’ll feel better & stronger when heading out on the bike.

Long Term Gains

These swim sets will create long term, sustainable improvements to your swim.

Money Back Guarantee

Swim faster in your next race or your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Kona Qualifier Swim Secrets


The Kona Qualifier Swim Secrets eBook will reveal the secrets that more than 100 Ironman Kona Qualifiers employ in their swimming regime. Included are also 10 swim sets that if you incorporate into your training will improve your Ironman swim times, guaranteed.