On today’s edition of The Kona Edge, we chat to two-time Ironman Age Group World Champion Dan Stubleski. Dan reveals his nutrition strategy in the build-up to and racing at Kona. Dan also shares his Ironman nutrition tips on what you should be eating and drinking in each discipline of an Ironman. Also on this podcast Dan discusses his recovery nutrition strategy.


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome onto yet another edition of The Kona Edge, time to chat some nutrition and I am really looking forward to this chat. He is the 2015 Ironman Age Group World Champion, overall, the fastest age grouper at Kona 2015, not only 2015, but 2014 too. Dan Stubleski, welcome back on, nice to chat.

DAN STUBLESKI:  No problem.

BRAD BROWN:  Dan, nutrition is often said to be the fourth discipline of a triathlon.  It’s pretty important, if you get it wrong, things can go horribly wrong in the swim/bike/run.

It’s obviously something you’ve worked on and figured out something that works for you.

How important would you say nutrition is to you in the overall scheme of things when it comes to triathlon?

Your nutrition strategy could get you to Ironman World champ at your Kona race

DAN STUBLESKI:  Very important, you don’t get your nutrition right, you can bonk and then your race is over.

BRAD BROWN:  Dan, let’s talk about the way you approach a race like Kona, let’s talk about the day before.  It doesn’t just start the day before.

Obviously you try all this stuff in training, but before a big race like Kona, from a nutrition point of view, typically what would you do and eat the day before and drink the day before a race?

DAN STUBLESKI:  Usually I drink a lot of Gatorade to get a lot of electrolytes in there. I don’t drink too much water cause I don’t want to flush all that out. For dinner I usually have some pasta and some chicken.

BRAD BROWN:  Then on race day itself, are you one who can eat a breakfast or do you tend to shy away from that and if you do, what do you generally have?

DAN STUBLESKI:  For breakfast, like 2 hours before the race starts, I usually have a peanut butter sandwich and then about an hour before I’ll drink a Monster.  That’s about it for breakfast.

BRAD BROWN:  Let’s talk about getting out the water and onto the bike, are you pretty set in what you do, that you’ve got to have this, this often on the bike or do you see how you go and see how you feel on race day and work around that?

DAN STUBLESKI:  Usually I know what I’m going to have on the bike, so I’m pretty set on that. I don’t have to live off the course, that’s what.

Should you do solids or liquids in your Ironman training?

BRAD BROWN:  Are you one who can eat solids or do you tend to stick to liquids throughout the race?

DAN STUBLESKI:  Usually just liquids.

BRAD BROWN:  And gels and that sort of thing you’re obviously using, numbers-wise, how much are you taking in and how often?

DAN STUBLESKI:  Usually about 3 gels per hour, on the bike and then just whatever, Gatorade, I really love Gatorade, I’m glad they switched.  Gatorade and water.

BRAD BROWN:  And that’s pretty much it, I mean from getting off the bike and then on the run, do you change anything or is that pretty much it right throughout the race?

DAN STUBLESKI:  Yeah, pretty much.  I’ll have 4 gels on the run and then Coke and water and Gatorade at the aid stations.

BRAD BROWN:  And recovery, what do you love for recovery?

DAN STUBLESKI:  A greasy burger, fries, anything I can’t eat before.

BRAD BROWN:  I always joke, I try and eat my bodyweight in pizza, that’s the plan for recovery for mine.

DAN STUBLESKI:  Yeah, that’s good too. Usually pizza or a burger.

BRAD BROWN:  I love it, Dan, thank you so much for your time here on The Kona Edge, much appreciated.

I want to wish you all the best. Have a great winter, hopefully it’s not too rough and you do get to do some stuff outdoors, but I know you’ll be spending a lot of it indoors on the indoor trainer and all the best to the buildup to Kona 2016.

DAN STUBLESKI:  All right, thank you.

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