Today The Kona Edge takes a look at Christian Haupt’s Ironman run strategy. He shares his pride and pain of completing his Ironman run in 3:05 at Kona 2016. We find out what his favourite run workouts are and what strategy he uses to pull himself out of those dark places on the run.


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome onto yet another edition of The Kona Edge, time to chat some running, Christian Haupt joins us now. Christian, welcome, thanks for taking the time to chat to us and welcome back onto The Kona Edge.

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  Thank you, I’m very happy that I could tell you something about my running.

BRAD BROWN:  You ran a 3:05:57 at Kona 2016, a fantastic run off what was also an incredible bike, 4:51. To run a 3:05 marathon in Kona is pretty special, you must be pretty proud of that run.

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  Yeah, but I’m not only proud, I can feel the pain as well when I think about it, it was very hard.

BRAD BROWN:  You said to me in our first chat that the last 12km you were in lots of pain, from a mental perspective, you run a marathon, it hurts, sometimes it hurts a bit more, but how do you deal with that mental, where you know you’re in pain and you have to keep on pushing. What do you tell yourself at times like that?

Keep on pushing through the pain

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  That’s hard because I did a little bit like Jan Frodeno, I had my own mantra. He had it with the bike, I don’t know his mantra but I also had one for the running and I had this sentence in my mind and the other thing was that I just looked to the little goals, I didn’t want to go to the finish line, that wasn’t my goal, I want to get to the next nutrition point or the next corner or something like that. You have to reach the finish with little steps, that’s much more motivating when you think oh, you have to run 12km back to the finish line at Kona.

BRAD BROWN:  Breaking it up definitely helps. Can you share that sentence with us that you told yourself over and over during the run?

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  Of course, it’s German, it’s a little something that football fans are screaming [inaudible – German language], it’s something the football fans are screaming and it’s something like yes, I will get the cup at the Ironman, the cup that you win at Kona, the wood.

BRAD BROWN:  Absolutely.

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  You know what I mean.

BRAD BROWN:  Absolutely.

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  I just changed the slogan on my own and that was the sentence I have in my ear.

BRAD BROWN:  I love that. Christian, as far as looking at what you’ve done over the years to get better on the run, can you tell us one thing that you think has given you big gains?

Hard long runs are good runs

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  At first I have to say that every year I’m surprised that I don’t have to do so many long runs like other guys. I’m lucky that I could run the long parts in the races, the long races without training so many long runs. I think that’s one thing that I think is my own big advantage. Then you have to do some training units that are hard, but then afterwards, when you’ve done it, you know it’s been very good training.

BRAD BROWN:  Let’s talk about those, what’s your favourite run workout to do?

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  My favourite run workout, 800m running with 200m slow and before Kona I did it 20-22 times, last year 25 times, 800m. It’s a very hard run, a very long run, but a very good run.

BRAD BROWN:  What would your 800m pace be on those runs?

CHRISTIAN HAUPT:  The pace, I think it’s round about 3:30 per kilometer.

BRAD BROWN:  That’s incredible. Christian Haupt thank you so much for your time once again here on The Kona Edge, I look forward to chatting about your nutrition next time out, thanks for your time.