On this edition of The Kona Edge we chat to Lilian Molesworth about her Ironman run and what she does in terms of her Ironman nutrition.  We also touch on how she got into triathlon and she reveals a rather unusual mix for an energy drink.


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome onto yet another edition of The Kona Edge, I’m Brad Brown and we head to Sydney, Australia to catch up with Lilian Molesworth to chat a little bit of running. Lilian, welcome back onto the podcast, It’s great to have you.


BRAD BROWN:  Let’s talk your run now Lilian, as far as what you’ve done, you’ve mentioned you love running and that’s how you got into the sport of triathlon, was just because of the injuries you sustained during running. Would you say your run is your strongest of the three disciplines?


BRAD BROWN:  What does it take to love a marathon at the end of a 180km bike?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  Just to see the results at the end again and plus, for me, I’m catching people, I can see one person down, another person down, just catching the people and you can see how they struggle and I’m just running past them, it’s a bit selfish.

BRAD BROWN:  I was going to say, mine is the other way around, I’m a pretty decent swimmer, but my run is probably the weakest and I’m the one who is getting passed, so I know from a motivation perspective what that feels like, it must be pretty incredible to have it the other way around, where you are just reeling people in on that run, it must feel pretty good.


BRAD BROWN:  Lilian, as far as workouts that you do, what’s your favourite run workout to do?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  Saturday’s, that’s my workout, but that’s more like a race, I love Park Runs, so what I do, in the morning I go there, I do a 5km warm up, then I go hard for 5km and then I do another 5km cool down, it gives me 15km, that’s my favourite one. Then another one I love, the hill repeats. Where I live there’s one really steep hill in the park and sometimes I go there and I just run up and down 30 times.

BRAD BROWN:  How many Park Runs have you done now?


BRAD BROWN:  Normally at the same one or do you switch it up a bit?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  I got another two close to me as well, so yes, sometimes I switch, go there and there, depending on how I feel.

BRAD BROWN:  You do most of your bike training on an indoor, do you do most of your run training outdoors, do you do any of it on a treadmill?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  No treadmill, all outside.

BRAD BROWN:  That’s pretty interesting, as far as shoes, what do you run in?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  I love Mizuno’s.

BRAD BROWN:  Brilliant. Let’s talk about your Ironman nutrition and the strategy that you take from a nutrition point of view, it’s pretty important. How do you approach a race from a nutrition perspective Lilian?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  With the food-wise, nothing fancy, eat anything that’s available. Not too much junk food obviously. On the bike, my favourite thing that I have, people say it’s crazy but you’ve got to practice before you do it, I will have Red Bull with Powerade, mixed together and that’s my power drink. Yeah, obviously goo’s, but you have to practice before you do it, I’ve been telling people that’s what I’m having, next thing they’re having the same thing and then they’re sick, so make sure you practice before you do it.

BRAD BROWN:  How did you figure that out, that you like that and it works for you?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  I tried it before and yes, it worked, it kicked in. When I’m feeling like I have low energy, I have that and it really picks me up.

BRAD BROWN:  Do you just do liquids on an Ironman, or do you take solids in too?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  No, all just goo’s or energy, there are little lollies, goo lollies and that’s it, all day it’s the same.

BRAD BROWN:  From a recovery perspective, after a training session or after a race, what do you do, is there anything specific from a nutrition point of view that you do for recovery?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  Nothing, all the same again, nothing special, nothing fancy, whatever is available for food, I just eat. No junk food obviously. Sometimes I feel like salty chips, that’s the only thing junk-wise.

BRAD BROWN:  Lilian, thank you very much for joining us here on The Kona Edge, much appreciated, we look forward to chatting again soon, best of luck. When is your next race? What are you targeting next?

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  Probably Forster Challenge, see how I go there, that’s a half Ironman distance and then Western Australia Ironman.

BRAD BROWN:  Fantastic, best of luck for that –

LILIAN MOLESWORTH:  Just for the speed.

BRAD BROWN:  We look forward to see how you go, thanks for your time today.


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