On this edition of The Kona Edge we chat to Keri Delport about the one form of Ironman nutrition that she finds works for her in her Ironman training.  After having tried and tested much well intended advice, she has figured out what works for her when it comes to her Ironman nutrition.


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome back to this edition of The Kona Edge. I’m Brad Brown and we’re joined once again by Keri Delport. Keri, welcome, nice to chat once again.

KERI DELPORT:  Thanks so much Brad, great to be back again.

BRAD BROWN:  Keri, as we record this, you’ve just entered another Ironman. You’ve recently finished Ironman South Africa, just a few weeks ago, but you are obviously sucked into this thing good and proper.

Recovery is pretty important when it comes to Ironman and nutrition helps that big time, doesn’t it?

KERI DELPORT:  Yes, absolutely, nutrition is the fourth discipline isn’t it? It’s hugely important.

BRAD BROWN:  Without a doubt and it’s something a lot of people neglect. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it, talk me through your nutrition strategy for an Ironman.

Nutrition is a personal choice

KERI DELPORT:  I don’t think a lot of people are going to like it. I think the main thing with regards to nutrition and Ironman is that it’s such an individual thing.

In previous years I used to do what everyone does, where a bit of solids, having a bit of the carb drink in the juice and I would find that every year, year after year, on the run, I’d have to go to the loos three or four times. So, to just realise that my body wasn’t able to digest stuff and so last year for Ironman 2015, I changed the strategy and just went on pure liquids, so pure gu, so, to be honest, I just used salted caramel gu on the entire course and my body seems okay with it. I just have a good breakfast in the morning three hours before the race and then do the entire race on gu and my digestive system, for me, seems to cope best with that.

BRAD BROWN:  That’s fantastic, I know a lot of people, I’m one of those guys that I’m not a huge fan of gu’s. Maybe it’s just because I’m out there a lot longer than someone like you, but it is, it’s a very personal thing.

Has it always been like that? Have you experimented with solids, obviously you’ve found something that works for you and you’re sticking to it?

Experiment with your nutrition till you find what works for your body

KERI DELPORT:  Absolutely. I’ve experienced with anything from hot cross buns to sandwiches to bananas, to kind of different bars. I even tried, I don’t know if you know with the Banting, there’s a fat shake and so a few years ago I tried having a fat shake on my bike and the shake has cream and coconut cream and all I found with that was that it completely curdled and I ended up having to throw it off onto the side of the road and go to game two.

No, I’ve experienced with absolutely anything I can think of and for now, the goo’s just seem to be what works for me.

BRAD BROWN:  From a recovery perspective, nutrition-wise, are you pretty regimented about what you do after sessions?

KERI DELPORT:  No, absolutely not! There’s always, depending on the session, the mandatory chocolate milk, that’s a must-have in any athletes training bag. I recommend Super M or Steri Stumpie, but otherwise no, I normally find, to be honest, that after my hard training sessions and even after Ironman, I struggle to eat. I’m not hungry and just struggle to take food on board.

Normally I’ll go for a milo or chocolate milk or something and then kind of sort myself out a little bit later, but no, I’m not particularly regimented.

I know about getting in some protein and stuff, but apart from that, no, I’m not one of those fancy nutrition people.

BRAD BROWN:  How many slices of pizza did you eat after Ironman South Africa this year?

KERI DELPORT:  To be honest, I ate nothing after Ironman. I went to the food tent and I got my pizza and my burgers and then gave it to my friends while I sat and drank a Yogi Sip.

They really enjoy the pizza and it looked incredible, but I had a hot chocolate and a Yogi Sip and that was actually okay for me.

BRAD BROWN:  I love that. Keri, as always, it’s been great to catch up.

Best of luck in your build up to Ironman Florida and chasing another Kona slot in 2017. We’ll follow your progress very closely and we look forward to seeing how it goes.

KERI DELPORT:  Legend, thanks so much Brad.

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