Are you pressed for time? Most of us are. So is Dean Edwards, that is why you are going to love his two tips and workout ideas that he really feels has given him the edge on the Ironman Bike. One is his favourite session on the indoor or turbo trainer, the other is a time trial that he has gamified. These are two things anyone can do right now to improve their Ironman bike time.


BRAD BROWN: Welcome onto this edition of The Kona Edge, I’m Brad Brown and joining us once again is Dean Edwards, we head over to the UK once again, Dean, welcome back, nice to chat.

DEAN EDWARDS: Hi Brad, thank you.

BRAD BROWN: Dean, let’s talk some cycling now. You were saying in our first chat that you’ve almost found your groove on the bike and you find that’s where you’re getting the most gains, what is it that’s made the biggest difference for you on the bike, that’s really upped and improved your performance during an Ironman bike?

DEAN EDWARDS: The turbo trainer, definitely, it’s the way you should train on a bike, in my opinion. The only other thing that comes close is probably time trialing. You can go and do some of your local time trails once a week or once every two weeks, that’s really good. If I had to give you just one answer, it would definitely be the turbo.

BRAD BROWN: Obviously we spoke about it last time out with regards to the weather conditions and sometimes it’s not conducive to being outdoors where you live in Wolverhampton and it’s just not safe, so you spend time on the indoor, do you find that sometimes it’s just out of necessity or do you really think, do you know what, you’re going to get as good, if not a better workout on the turbo than you would out on the road?

DEAN EDWARDS: Obviously going out and doing a long ride, three hours or more, is better out on the road but I just don’t think you can match the turbo through a really hard 60-90 minute set. I don’t think you can beat it.

BRAD BROWN: Dean as far as training and we touched on it last time out as well with regards to Power, you don’t train with a Power meter, you train to heart rate and feel, as far as heart rate goes, you say you don’t rely on it, but you obviously track it and know where your zones are. Tell us a little bit about how you work on making sure you’re in the right zones from a heart rate perspective?

DEAN EDWARDS: I don’t really, to be honest, as mad as it sounds. I know what sets I’ve got to work through for the forthcoming hour or two hours. I know how long those sets are and if it’s lots of one minute sets I know I can push harder for those one minutes than I could if it was like 10 minute sets, if that makes sense. I just don’t work to heart rate zones or wattage. I have recently started using the watt bikes at our local gym, but I don’t really use it as a guide, I just use it because you can get into a good position on the watt bike.

BRAD BROWN: As far as spending that time on the turbo and indoor, you obviously mix things up because I mean it can get to a point as well, if you’re just sitting on the thing and just bombing out time, it can get to be about as mindless as just chasing a black line on the bottom of the swimming pool. What’s your favourite workout to do on that turbo that keeps you engaged and motivated?

DEAN EDWARDS: At this time of year, all the gearing work really, working at a low cadence for the shorter sets I think is good this time of year. Perhaps sets of one minute in length with an equal amount of recovery. I find that quite a good set this time of year.

BRAD BROWN: In the peak training for Kona, what’s your favourite thing to do on the bike?

DEAN EDWARDS: We do like a build ride quite a lot, I sometimes go out and do it with my brothers, sometimes my dad comes, like we’ll ride 30 minutes to an easy pace and then say 30 minutes at a half Ironman type effort and then we’ll stop there and then we’ll do like a TT type effort. We’ve worked it before, like I give my dad like a couple of minutes head start on the main road and then I’ve gone and chased after him and then go really hard for 30 minutes and he obviously rides as hard as he can so that I can’t catch him, quite fun as well.

BRAD BROWN: I love that, gamified slightly and it makes things interesting. Dean, thank you so much for your time once again here on The Kona Edge, much appreciated, we look forward to catching up again soon.


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