On this edition of The Kona Edge we chat to Steve Day. Having started out mountain biking to cross train, Steve now shares what he has learnt about biking and tells what his favourite workout is to give him the greatest gains and improve on his Ironman bike.


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome onto yet another edition of The Kona Edge.  Coming to you live from Cape Town in South Africa, we’re live but we’re recording it and we head to New York now to catch up with Steve Day.  Steve welcome back on to the podcast, thanks for joining us.

STEVE DEY:  Brad good to be back.

Use your mountain bike to cross train

BRAD BROWN:  Steve let’s talk about your bike.  It’s obviously, you said you started taking up a bit of mountain biking with regards to cross training when you were struggling with running injuries.  You’re not half bad on the bike.  Obviously there is room for improvement but it’s something you do enjoy doing.

STEVE DEY:  Yes very much so.  I’ve learnt to love the bike for sure.  I started probably around 2006/7 doing some mountain biking.  I think I bought a road bike in 2009, my first tri-bike in 2010.  I love being outdoors and it’s great.  Socially it’s great as well, but I’ve learnt an awful lot on the bike since 2010 for sure.

BRAD BROWN:  What do you reckon is the biggest thing you’ve learnt and how you’ve applied it to your performance to get better?

Quality over quantity gives you the edge

STEVE DEY:  Probably quality for me.  When I first started training for Ironman we did a lot of longer rides but other than a bunch of us getting a little too excited on the way back coming back into New York I won’t say there’s a huge amount of quality in there so quality over quantity for me personally.  If you have the time to do the quantity I think that’s great but if you’re restricted on hours and you only spend a lot of time on the trainer I think just certainly over the winter spending some time going really hard and then even as you get closer to race day to just having, if you’re out for a 3 hour ride, at least half of that should be certainly in my mind, quicker than race pace.  So don’t forget the quality for sure.

BRAD BROWN:  You also mentioned with regards to the consistency and training through winter and keeping going and that’s a sure fire way to get better on the bike as well is not sort of have these fits and start where you take a few months off because it’s cold but by working through you can really see big improvements year on year if you do that.

STEVE DEY:  Yes definitely.  I think people call it the off-season.  I probably train harder over the winter in terms of going really hard than I do when it’s warmer and we’re outside.  Certainly the last two winters I’ve gone really really hard on the bike.

BRAD BROWN:  As far as workouts go what do you absolutely love doing.  What is your favorite workouts?

Enduring pain to improve

STEVE DEY:  Probably the short [inaudible] because they’re not as painful.  So we do everything from 30 seconds on 30 seconds off, mini on mini off.  The real hard stuff is the 4 x 5 minutes all out.  I mean that stuff just makes you want to cry.  It’s just so painful.  But it really works so I love it, I hate it and love it but that’s the stuff that really works, so it also only works for me for sure.  If you can have a block of that coming to the end of the winter I think I can’t see you not improving to be honest.

BRAD BROWN:  Absolutely. Well let’s chat about your run next time out.  Steve once again thanks for your time today.  We look forward to catching up next time around.

STEVE DEY:  That’s good Brad.