On this edition of The Kona Edge we chat to Garron Mosley to find out exactly what he did to get to improve his Ironman Bike time at Ironman South Africa. Garron puts it down to one thing and he reveals that on this podcast. He also tells Brad Brown about the one workout he added to his training that made a huge difference in his performance.


BRAD BROWN: Welcome onto another edition of The Kona Edge, it’s time to chat some about your Ironman bike and we’ve got Garron Moseley with us once again. Garron, welcome back on, the bike wasn’t your strong point, you’d probably admit that it’s still not, but unfortunately it’s for most people the longest of the three disciplines. What have you done to improve your Ironman bike performance?

GARRON MOSLEY: Hi Brad, yes, I think improving your Ironman bike is pretty much about consistency. I spend a lot of time on the bike. I have started incorporating more sessions, more indoor sessions because I’m based in Europe, I’ve purchased a reasonable indoor trainer that will track my watts and I can build in the typical FTP sessions. I think I’m becoming stronger on the bike. Again, not having a background or a base in cycling, I think the muscles take a longer time to adapt. So yes, it’s been a long hard road in terms of trying to get up to the top cyclists, but yeah, it’s every day, we keep moving forward.

BRAD BROWN: I spent a lot of time on a BMX as a kid, I used to race BMX’s and I absolutely love cycling, for someone who doesn’t come from a cycling background, what do you do to keep things interesting and to keep yourself , what’s your favourite workout to do on the bike?

Adding a long midweek Ironman Bike Session

GARRON MOSLEY: I actually think there’s a session I like midweek and that would be a three hour bike session midweek and more so than the actual session, it gives me a reality check on life and I feel that if you have the ability to make time to go out for a three hour ride, and look, it doesn’t happen every week, if you have the ability to make time on a three hour ride, you will certainly, your life’s going in the right direction. You’re not too pressured at work, your timing, your planning is all going well. So that three hour session to me, again, more so, is a great session on that.

BRAD BROWN: I love that Garron, you’re so right, I’ve never actually thought of it, but the times where I’ve had good performance in Ironman was exactly that, in the buildup, work was pretty chilled and I could go put in a longer one midweek, so that definitely does make a big, big difference. Thank you very much for that, much appreciated, we look forward to catching up again soon here on The Kona Edge, thanks for your time.

GARRON MOSLEY: Sure, thanks Brad.

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