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Since launching The Kona Edge Podcast late in 2015, we have and continue to see steady growth. Over time more and more triathletes are reaching out to us for coaching services.

But I’m not a coach. I’m a podcaster.

That’s where you come in. Why not team up with The Kona Edge to become one of our preferred coaching partners? By partnering with TKE you’ll get your coaching business in front of thousands of triathletes every single month.


If you currently consult with clients globally using technology, this is a perfect opportunity to expand your coaching business (If you’d like to find our more about our audience, have a look at this.)


Limited spots available…


This opportunity is only available to 20 coaches globally. Once sold out, they are sold out.

In every epsiode of The Kona Edge we will hightlight one of the coaches or coaching businesses that are part of the Coaches Corner.

In every podcast we will also drive our listeners to the Coaches Corner page on our website.

As one of our featured coaches you will receive the following:


  • A monthly mention, by name, on The Kona Edge Podcast
  • A listing on The Coaches Corner page with links to your website, social media profiles etc.


Only $50/month

No Contract = No Risk (You can cancel at anytime)