Swim faster without spending more time in the water

Discover the 4 most common swim killers and how to fix them so that you can shave minutes off your swim time.

Improve your Ironman swim

One of the best ways to improve your Ironman swim is by learning from some of the best Ironman age groupers in the world. Below are a gold mine of tips, tricks and workouts that will help you get faster in the water.

Improve your strength to get better mileage in the water

On this episode of The Kona Edge we chat with Sarah Thomas about swimming and how she works on her swim techniques to improve her efficiency in the water. (Read the transcription of our chat here) <a href="http://iono.fm/e/668669">Content hosted by...

What does it take to shave 20 minutes off your Ironman Kona swim?

We catch up with Tina Eakin who's Ironman swim has improved drastically since she took up the sport of triathlon. On The Kona Edge today we find out what has brought those improvements about. Content hosted by iono.fm Subscribe to The Kona Edge: Swim faster without...