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Streamline Your Swim

Are you the type of triathlete that struggles with motivation? Is finding the time to get in the water a real challenge for you? Does it feel like the gains you’re making don’t really justify the time and effort you’re putting in or does it feel like no matter how much you tweak and change your swim technique nothing seems to improve?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the triathlon community for you.

Learn to simplify your swim technique and discover what other triathletes just like you do to maintain balance in their life so that you can get the most out of your swim sessions without necessarily swimming more

Bolster Your Bike

The longest discipline in the sport of triathlon comes with its own set of challenges. Does the thought of long, lonely rides leave your stomach in knots? (Especially when you just don’t have time for it or the weather is poor)

Do you battle with maintaining your pace, particularly over longer distances? Or does the the boredom of having to do another indoor session want to make you pull your hair out?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Within The Kona Edge Online Community you’ll discover what other triathletes just like you do, to not only improve their performance on the bike, but learn to love the process at the same time so that when you see a bike workout on your training program you can’t wait to hop in the saddle.

Right Your Run

The dreaded run! Is that the way you feel when you get off the bike? Do your legs feel like jelly or like they’re not connected to your your upper body? Do you struggle to maintain your pace on your run? Are you sick and tired of injuries plaguing your progress? Cramping or nausea on the run slowing you down?

These are just a handful of things triathletes just like you are learning to overcome within The Kona Edge online community.

This online learning platform allows you to learn from some of the best pro’s, age groupers and coaches in the world, so that you can shorted the learning curve by not making the same mistakes they did. Run injury free, faster and maintain good form while achieving your triathlon goals with The Kona Edge.


“This is a great resource. I’m absolutely hooked. I was fortunate enough to have competed in Kona in 2013. It was the dream come true, one that I would have never imagined a few years before. When I signed up for my first Ironman, the dream of Hawaii caught my attention very quickly. I wish there had been something like The Kona Edge back then to connect with people who had got all the puzzle pieces right to race on the big island.”

Simon Butler

2013 Ironman Kona Finisher

“I feel like I am carpooling with elite athletes. As a recreational triathlete, I learn something new every everytime. It helps me keep that Kona dream alive.”

Juniper Ridge

United States

“I owe so much to The Kona Edge. Brad and his guests have taught me so much about how to race and cope with the challenges of long distance and Ironman Triathlon races. I cannot recommend this enough, it’s like part of my training now, helps me stay mentally active when I am resting my body. I really believe that the advice given here helped me qualify for Kona 2017 at my first Ironman event (Ironman Weymouth UK).”


2017 Ironman Kona Qualifier


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