Ironman Run

Running form: A surefire way to improve your Ironman Run

On this edition of The Kona Edge we talk about improving your Ironman run by focussing on your running form and technique. Our guest today is Norway’s Hans Christian Tungesvik.

We discover how he structured his Ironman run training to improve his stride and intensity. He also touches on the importance of recovery and nutrition to improve your Ironman run.

Ironman Run – De-stress, disconnect, feel free and liberated

On this edition of The Kona Edge we catch up with Kathy Winkler and discover how she has improved in her Ironman run and how she adds variety into her run training. She chats about doing strength and conditioning work as well as combining her training using land running and water running to alleviate the pressure on the joints and shares with us how this has helped to keep her injury free.

Ironman Run Tips – Split your long runs to get used to running on tired legs

Today on The Kona Edge we chat to Don Oswalt about how his love for running developed. He tells how it started out for recreation and developed into something bigger because he came to love it. Don shares his secret with us on how to split up those long runs and use them to his advantage of getting used to running on tired legs.

Invest in an injury prevention by improving your core strength

On this edition of The Kona Edge we catch up with Wendy Mader. She shares the strategy she has put in place to manage her injuries. We learn all the important tips on core strength training and how consistency and trail running helps you improve your Ironman run.

Ironman Run – Where rubber meets the road

Today on The Kona Edge we chat to Aida Wasilewski and find out what makes her a strong runner. The greatest advice we get from her is knowing and accepting the fact that it’s going to hurt when you run. You can’t run without the pain. She chats about speed, time, pace and heart rate and gives us a glimpse into the magic world of running.

Making the change from marathon running to Ironman triathlon

On today’s edition of The Kona Edge we chat to Sydney Tervort about her running career. Being a strong runner with about 30 years experience she shares the change in run training with us. She chats to us about the consistency of her running schedule and the importance of listening to what your coach is telling you to run on easy days or shorter distances.