Ironman Nutrition

Take time to formulate an Ironman nutrition plan

Today on The Kona Edge we chat to Damien Coad about advice on Ironman nutrition. Stressing how important your nutrition is to your Ironman performance, he shares why it’s such an easy thing to work out and it makes such a big difference in the race.

Ironman Nutrition Hacks – Racing Ironman Triathlons as a Vegan

For Jen Koester, turning vegetarian proved a challenge in her Ironman nutrition. After the initial 2 months of being bloated and tired she acquired a new found energy and is now vigilant in her nutrition needs. She shares how becoming vegan has helped in her general lifestyle nutrition.

Ironman nutrition – Plan your race and race your plan

Today Lisbeth Kenyon reveals what she has learned from her Ironman nutrition mistakes. She places emphasis on knowing what you’re doing with your Ironman nutrition and the importance of having an easy plan in your head before race day.