Ironman Nutrition

Heat and how it impacts your Ironman Nutrition Strategy

On today's episode of The Kona Edge, we chat to Tracy Markham about her Ironman Nutrition strategy and particularly how the heat in Kona impacted her nutrition plan. <a href="">Content hosted by...

Are you up for the challenge?

The start of a new year often heralds change. If you’re wanting to change the way you fuel your triathlon endeavours then you are going to love this challenge: #DitchSugarFuels

Ben Boyd’s Ironman Nutrition Strategy

We head back to Australia today to chat some Ironman nutrition with Ben Boyd. Ben shares with us how he approaches a race as long as an Ironman from a nutrition perspective.

Common sense fueling strategies for Ironman triathletes

Ironman nutrition should not be rocket science, at least according to Colin Cook. Colin reveals his common sense Ironman nutrition fueling strategies that'll help you race better. <a href="">Content hosted by...