Today on The Kona Edge we talk about the importance of solids within your Ironman nutrition strategy. Jane Hansom joins us once again and she reveals the changes she has recently made to her Ironman nutrition plan.


BRAD BROWN: Welcome onto The Kona Edge, let’s chat some nutrition now, we head back to London and Jane Hansom joins us. Jane, welcome back onto the podcast, thanks for chatting to us today.

JANE HANSOM: Thank you for having me.

BRAD BROWN: Jane, we literally haven’t even spoken nutrition at all in our previous chats with you and that’s what I wanted to pick your brain about today. Obviously nutrition is vitally important to any Ironman competitor, but someone who is challenging for World Titles, it’s probably up there with the other three disciplines, if not more important.

JANE HANSOM: Definitely, that’s one thing I learnt doing my first Ironman in Switzerland actually.

BRAD BROWN: Is that where the chocolate balls started on the bike?

JANE HANSOM: Yeah, it is, it is. It’s funny, I remember bumping into my coach, literally the day before, at the expo and I had my bike set up and he looked in my bento box and he gasped in horror and he said ‘what is that?’ I had it full of dates and my nutrition strategy was dates and water, which to be fair, I had been using at an Olympic distance and even a 70.3, but apparently this was going to be a complete disaster should I try this at a full Ironman distance, given dates are quite full of fibre. So we changed that immediately and I went running off to the chocolate shop to buy some chocolate.

BRAD BROWN: Let’s talk about the nutrition strategy now. What do you do before the race, is there anything in particular, breakfast-wise that you prefer?

JANE HANSOM: Absolutely, so I have porridge and in fact, I have porridge 365 days a year, it’s my favourite breakfast. It’s quite funny, I work in marketing and one of my clients is on a Caribbean Island and even when I’m on Nevis, I have porridge for breakfast and I love it, because A, it fills me up and B, it’s tasty and filling and I know it will last me until lunch time, or at least it will give me the good base that I need and keep my energy levels topped up.

BRAD BROWN: Let’s talk about what you do in the race from a nutrition strategy and eating and drinking perspective. Do you just go by feel or are you one of those people who goes, at this time I need to take this, at that time I need to take that.

JANE HANSOM: No, I try to eat as much as I can. One thing I should say is that [inaudible 1.00.08] the Ironman, so I’m not, I probably shouldn’t be handing out advice, because I’m no expert, I’m far from it, but before I did the first Ironman, all of my friends just said to me, the most important thing is to just eat as much as you can, especially on the first half of the bike and that’s exactly what I do. Actually even on the run leg, I’ll not run through an aid station without having a gel or some Coke and everything, you know, I’ll eat and drink as much as I possibly can because that seemed to work for my first one in Switzerland, so I’ve just kept on doing that and I just get, I guess the calories in equals power out.

BRAD BROWN: You’ve got no aversion to solids, obviously at some stage in the race you want to maybe lay off them or gels, can you pretty much take in what you feel like during the race?

JANE HANSOM: Yeah, pretty much. I always check to see what race nutrition is on the course, I’ll usually eat chocolate or I like the thick, goo chocolate gels, the ones that are a bit more substantial and less runny.

BRAD BROWN: Then as far as recovery after an Ironman, what’s the Hansom secret to replacing those categories?

JANE HANSOM: After Ironman South Africa it was two pieces of pizza and a burger and a beer and an ice cream.

BRAD BROWN: I can tell you something Jane, if you hang out there until when I got in, you actually get more than two slices of pizza because when you finish early at Ironman South Africa, they’ve got to save stuff for the guys at the back of the field, but there weren’t too many people after me, so I got to eat lots of pizza!

JANE HANSOM: I’ll remember that the next time.

BRAD BROWN: You can come for seconds at midnight!

JANE HANSOM: Absolutely.

BRAD BROWN: Jane, as always, it’s been great catching up, thank you so much, I look forward to following your progress and journey up to Kona 2016, best of luck and we look forward to seeing how you go and I want to see that negative split on the run.

JANE HANSOM: Okay, I’ll remember that, thank you Brad.

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