Ironman Motivation

Trust your strengths and race smarter – The Lars Petter Stormo Ironman Story

On today’s edition of The Kona Edge we catch up with the defending Norseman champion. He’s a full-time Engineer. He works like you and I for a living, but he is a monster when it comes to triathlon and he’s got a pretty cool story to share. We join him on his journey at Kona as he shares with us his greatest lesson learned in his experience of the Big Island.

From Singapore to Ironman Kona – The Claire Davis Ironman Story

On today’s edition of The Kona Edge we head out to Victoria Australia to meet up with Claire Davis who began her Ironman career in Singapore. Wanting to meet people from the country she joined a local triathlon club and was soon hooked in. Coming from a strong swimming background, Claire shares her frustrations in the other disciplines of the sport and how she has overcome this. Join us on her fascinating journey that took her to Kona and leaves her wanting for more.

Getting started is what it takes to get to Ironman Kona – The Rob Cummins Ironman Story

On this very special edition of The Kona Edge, we meet an amazing athlete. Having lived a life of heavy smoking and drinking and getting into trouble, we learn how Rob Cummings turned his life around and exchanged all his bad habits for that of triathlon. He shares the start of his racing days of coming stone last, to that of managing to qualify and get to Kona twice. Join us now for a sneak peak of the incredible Ironman journey of Rob Cummins.

Consistency gets you to Kona – The Jarrod Harvey Ironman Journey

Today’s edition of The Kona Edge takes us to Brisbane, Australia where we meet Jarrod Harvey. He shares the benefits of growing up in a large family and the challenges of returning to triathlon after a break from his youth. We learn how consistency took him to the finish line at Kona as he shares his experience with us.