Ironman Motivation

Taking on a dare and falling in love with Ironman – Federica de Nicola’s Kona Story

What started on a whim has turned into a love affair of epic proportions for med student Federica de Nicola. Hailing from Milan in Italy Federica share her passion for the Ironman and the sport of triathlon. This is her story.
Frederica is a medical student and her love for triathlon made her alter her study schedule so she could get her training in. Her Ironman story is one of inspiration, determination and digging into her competitive spirit when it comes to winning.

Racing across 4 decades – The Rodolphe von Berg Ironman Kona story

Today on The Kona Edge we catch up with a very interesting athlete and Rodolphe von Berg joins us from France to chat about his Ironman story.

Rodolphe von Berg first raced the Ironman World Championships on Kona in the 1980’s and plans to continue going back for at least the next 20 years. With a Ironman career spanning over four decades, Rodolphe provides an incredible snapshot into the sport we all love so much.