Say Watt? Improve your Ironman bike by pushing more power
Ironman Bike - Push bigger watts for greater gains

Say Watt? Improve your Ironman bike by pushing more power

Ironman Bike - Push bigger watts for greater gains

We chat to Arlene Ayoub about her Ironman bike today ann how she uses steady state and seated workouts pushing big watts to increase her strength on her Ironman bike.

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BRAD BROWN: Welcome onto this edition of The Kona Edge. It’s great to have you with us once again. We head back to Canada to talk some Ironman biking with Arlene Ayoub.

Arlene, welcome. Thanks for joining us once again.

ARLENE AYOUB: Hi Brad. Nice to talk to you.

BRAD BROWN: Arlene, your bike; you mentioned that your Ironman swim is obviously your least favourite, your run is your favourite. The Ironman bike is an interesting one because it’s the discipline that takes the longest, for most people. You’re good on the bike, even though you say it’s not your favourite discipline, you’re not bad. You’re a decent cyclist.

Get better on the bike pushing bigger watts

ARLENE AYOUB: The biking is getting better. I can see changes. I was a bit of a wobbler in the early days so I practiced that. Again, working on my core. Adjusting my pedal stroke a bit which has had some benefits. I like to stand on the hills, I guess that’s because I’m a runner, first.

This winter I’ve been concentrating on standing less and pushing bigger watts, seated. Although I’m not where I want to be yet, that is also coming along.

BRAD BROWN: That’s quite interesting. It’s the first time that’s popped up on the podcast. Sitting and pushing bigger watts, particularly uphill. What are some of the specific workouts that you’re doing that have helped you get better at that?

High intensity intervals to strengthen muscles

ARLENE AYOUB: Some of the training that we’ve been working on, are high intensity intervals. So, we will do 30-seconds, for somebody like me, at 300 watts and then a bit of a break. Just keep repeating that over and over. And working on a higher cadence because my tendency is to slow down and kind of mush my way through it.

So, I’m working on keeping that cadence up and keeping those watts up, for a short period. Hopefully to strengthen those muscles that I need to avoid me from standing all the time on hills. The thing about the standing when I’m climbing the hills, is that my heart rate comes up. So, I’m trying to avoid that as well.

BRAD BROWN: As far as workouts you love doing on the bike, what are some of your favourite workouts?

Riding at 80% FTP simulates half Ironman pace

ARLENE AYOUB: Favorite workouts for me are long, steadies. On a Sunday, we’ll get on and do a 2-hour ride. Within that ride there’ll be warm up and cool down. But we may do something like 12-minute steady watts at maybe 80% of our FTP’s. That gets a lot of hours in my alternate legs and simulates a half Ironman pace.

BRAD BROWN: As far as the bike you’re riding, what are you currently on?

ARLENE AYOUB: I’m on a Felt right now and enjoying it very much.

BRAD BROWN: Fantastic. Arlene, I look forward to getting you on to chat a little bit about your run next time out. But we’ll save that for another day. Thanks for your time.

ARLENE AYOUB: Thanks Brad.

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Brad Brown is a 40 something age grouper that dreams of one day qualifying for and racing on the big island (He may have to outlive everyone in his age group though).

Morbidly obese in 2009, Brad clocked in at 165kgs (363lbs) at his heaviest.

He's subsequently lost a third of his body weight on the way to a half Ironman pb of 5:06 and a full Ironman pb of 12:21.


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