Bike a lot and bike hard – Rasmus Svenningsson’s bike tips

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We welcome back Rasmus Svenningsson to The Kona Edge today as we discuss high intensity interval training on the bike, favorite workouts and the benefits of using a Power meter.

(Read the transcription of our chat here)

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Podcast Transcription:


BRAD BROWN:  Welcome back onto this edition of The Kona Edge, I’m Brad Brown; we’ve got Rasmus Svenningsson with us once again. Rasmus, welcome back onto The Kona Edge, your bike performance in Kona 2018 was off the charts. You’re a monster on a bicycle!

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  Yeah, maybe! I can agree with you on that one!

BRAD BROWN:  How? I mean sub 4:30 bike on the Big Island is spectacular, what’s the secret?

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  I don’t think there’s any specific secret to cycling, you just need to bike a lot and bike hard. I think my secret or my training for cycling, I focus very much on high intensity intervals in the pre-season and then I have eight minute intervals is my favorite exercise, like four, five, six, eight minute intervals and you’re supposed to be doing them above threshold Power, so you really stress your VO2 max system. I think it’s better [** 0.40.14] than like the more regular four minutes. I consider or it is my opinion that you may rely too much on your anaerobic capacity on those shorter four/five minute intervals. You need to really stimulate your aerobic capacity when you do slightly longer VO2 max intervals. That’s the exercise I really would like to recommend to people.

BRAD BROWN:  You’ve also spoken quite a bit about Power and chasing Power and chasing professionals Power numbers. Have you always worked on Power? Is it something you live and die by?

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  No, I started a year ago, or just over a year ago.

BRAD BROWN:  Has it made a big difference?

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  Yeah, it actually has, I must say because it’s made the training so much more fun and you can follow your progress much easier, it’s much easier to follow your progress and you have something to aim for on those interval workouts. Yeah, I think it has actually changed a lot for me. That’s a good investment. I know they’re very expensive, but actually really worth it.

BRAD BROWN:  What are you using? What Power meter?

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  I use the Stages dual sided Power meter from the right hand –

BRAD BROWN:  And the left. Tell me about your bike setup, what bike are you riding? The wheels, let’s get a little bit geeky on the tech.

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  I’ve been riding a Canyon Speedmax, it’s not the new, the brand new geometry that arrived in 2015, it’s an old geometry from 2014 but it’s rather similar, but there are some minor differences. Yeah, I really like it and it’s really comfortable and I think my aero-proficiency is quite good. I’ve never done any really standardized aero testing, but I’ve been told that I look quite aero on the bike. The wheels are Zipp 808 Firecrest.

BRAD BROWN:  The bike sounds fast!

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  Yeah, it is, for sure.

BRAD BROWN:  It helps with the engine that’s on it as well, that’s for sure. Tell me about your favorite ride, if you could only ever do one training ride over and over again for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

RASMUS SVENNINGSSON:  Mostly I’m riding on the trainer now, but I love riding in the Alps, some kind of ride in the mountains. I’ve been riding on [** 0.43.39] as well and they have tremendous bike roads, so yes somewhere in the mountains.

BRAD BROWN:  Brilliant, Rasmus, it’s been great catching up once again. I look forward to talking about your run, but we’ll save that for next week, thanks for your time on The Kona Edge today.

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