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SuperFly Coaching

Superfly Coaching

SuperFly Coaching has helped dozens of athletes reach Kona, 70.3 Worlds and even the Olympics!

Our coaches along with Joe Friel have written several books on training methodologies. Our experienced coaches are uniquely qualified to recognize your skills while addressing your weaknesses.

Our coaches have already helped athletes, like you, to reach their goals. Let us help you. Whether you’re attempting to release pounds or shave off a few seconds, we’re with you every step of the way.

Are you interesting in upping your game from “acceptable” to “exceptional?” By partnering your passion with our experienced coaching, you can reach your potential.

Our coaching plans are like our clients… no two are alike!  Once you choose the service level that works best for you, your coach will begin to develop your customized plan.  Don’t let stomach issues ruin your race! From coaching to nutritional advice – we cover it all.

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Doug Guthrie Personal Training

Doug Guthrie has a passion for seeing people improve and succeed.

14x IM finisher (2x Kona finisher), USAT level 1 Certified Coach, Head Coach YMCA Tri Team, are some of the qualifications that make him an unique coach that has the ability to meet athletes wherever they are in their in journey.

His motivation comes from helping athletes improve and meet their goals at any skill level.  

As a self coached 2 Kona qualifier and finisher, Doug’s experience has placed him in the shoes of those training for their first spirit to those who need to know what has to adjusted in their plan to get to the next level in order to qualify for the world championships.

Discover more about Doug by clicking here or listen to his story here.

Doug Guthrie

Coach Parry Triathlon Coaching

With a passion for high performance sport – Lindsey Parry is one of South Africa’s most widely recognised coaches.

Having led a team to the London and Rio Olympic Games, Lindsey has coached both triathletes and runners onto podiums of some of the world’s most illustrious races.

Lindsey has a unique ability to understand what it takes to succeed at any level and thrives on coaching, motivating and inspiring others to do the same.

Lindsey’s 1-on-1 coaching services are massively in demand and he only takes on new coaching clients when a space opens up on his coaching roster from within the Coach Parry Online Community.

You can join that community here.

If you would like an individualised training program from one of the Coach Parry coaches then check out their various coaching packages.

Coach Steven Brandes and Next Level Triathlon

Coach Steven Brandes and Next Level Triathlon has proved it’s results year after year. Steve has personally guided athletes to an ITU AG World Championship, Ironman Hawaii, and has qualified over 20 athletes to 70.3 World Championships. Steve isn’t your traditional multisport coach. He is a full-time endurance coach who works with athletes remotely as well as athletes in a DTE in Madison, Wi. Steve is also one of few coaches in the USAT High Performance Mentorship Coaching Program where he gets to work with the select High Performance athletes in the USAT CRP Program. in 2015, Steve has selected to run a week long CAMTri Camp in Trinidad and Grenada where was responsible for working with their top athletes as well as educating their coaches on proper racing, training, and season preperation.

Steve focuses on the ITU and Ironman athletes. His athletes have competed at Ironman 70.3 World Championships and ITU World Championships, PATCO Championships, CAMTri Championships, and other international races. Steve has been coaching for 10 years ago where he was coaching in a team environment (track and field, swimming, cross country, triathlon, softball, soccer). During this time his teams have produced countless state champions, state medals, and a state record. Many of his athletes have continued to run at a Division 1 level.

His athletes have:

  • Won an ITU Age Group World Championship
  • Won MULTIPLE USAT Age Group National Championships
  • Won USAT Duathlon National Championships
  • Podium at 2016 Ironman World Championships
  • Sub 3 Hour Marathon during Ironman
  • Qualified athletes to Ironman and 70.3 World Championships

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MP Multisport

Our athlete-coach relationship is what makes MP Multisport unique in the coaching field.

Our role is to ensure the ‘coach’ relationship is evident in all our coaching interactions.MP Multisport coaching involves listening first to understand your needs continuous analyzation by us and implementation by you. We don’t focus on mass produced training plans or categorize our athletes because no two athletes are the same. There is more to your needs than the swim, bike, and run portion of training. Too often athletes will push through their training laps and miles but forget about the impact of other areas of their lives.

To get you to your goals, MP Multisport takes a holistic approach to the process which includes the balance you have in your life, nutrition, core strength, and time management and understanding those needs through communication.

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SENS Fitness – Jim Gazzale

Are you new to triathlon and unsure where to start? Or even put off by the cost, information, and all the different levels of tiered coaching services? Us too!

SENS Fitness is for age-groupers, led by age-groupers. SENS Fitness coaches are certified through USAT and Precision Nutrition to help you perform your best physically and mentally throughout training and on race day.

No matter where you live, if you have big triathlon goals we’ll help you accomplish them. We know the costs associated with triathlon can be steep, which is why we offer affordable pricing starting at just $120 per month.

You won’t find this level of customer service, customized training plans AND expert nutrition coaching specific to your goals for one affordable price, anywhere else.

Visit to learn more. SENS Fitness – Strength. Endurance. Nutrition. Solutions… For life.

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Performance by 3

Getting to Kona requires a lot more than passion and hard work. This is where expert coaching plays a large part in filling in the gaps through better programming, education, effective communication, key analysis, and then adapting useful metrics to allow athletes to develop into the best they can be.

I have helped countless athletes from all over the World achieve their endurance dreams at the Ironman World Championships by following tried and tested scientific methodology and implementing successful long term training techniques achieving a healthy, happy and competitive athlete.

Not ready for Kona yet but want to crush your next endurance race? I have a strictly limited group that I take on every year towards their key events through my Breakthrough Performance Program, providing the athlete with every facet they need to PR their goal event.

Initial consultations are obligation free to see if we are the right fit.

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Team Robertson Ready

Team RR provides personalized triathlon, running, and nutrition coaching. The client will receive customized programs based on their specific needs for their triathlon and running goals.

The coaching is hands on and takes into consideration each athlete’s strengths, weakness’, and unique “life” schedule.

The nutrition program is individualized based on individual blood panel markers, personal goals, past history, as well as using current research on what works.

Team RR is led by former elite triathlete John Robertson who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition.


My Training Day Triathlon Academy

My Training Day Triathlon Academy was started in 2006 when Claire & Kent Horner realised their passion was helping other athletes reach their goals. MTD is home to online coaching, squad training, online shop, bike fitments & nutrition assessments.

What began with a handful of athletes has now grown exponentially and Kent & Claire, along with 9 other MTD coaches coach more than 280 athletes both nationally & internationally.

MTD affiliated with Joe Friel in 2014 allowing access to a world of knowledge from one of the world’s best known original coaches.

MTD makes use of tools such as Best Bike split, Trainer roads & Training Peaks for power analysis as well as Coaches Eye for video analysis. Their passion lies in helping others realise their full potential and reach their goals. MTD caters for any athlete from your complete novice right through to your elite athlete

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Peak Triathlon Coaching

Peak Triathlon Coaching is a triathlon coaching company helping multisport athletes take their training to the next level and achieve their multisport goals.

All of Peak’s coaches are age group athletes themselves so they understand the challenges of training with full time jobs, busy family lives, and the other unique dynamics of life. They thrive on helping their athletes optimize their training time and assist with all aspects of the journey to their races.

Whether an you need help training for your first triathlon, want to tackle a new distance, or want to qualify for Kona, Peak and their experienced staff can help you get there.

Over the years, they’ve helped athletes cross hundreds of Ironman finish lines, helped them achieve all kinds of different goals, including podium finishes in Kona and Age Group Nationals. Based in the US, Peak Triathlon Coaching helps athletes from throughout the world.

Their economic pricing make them an excellent option for athletes of all levels. Head over to now and setup your free consultation to see how they can help you be the best athlete you can be while having fun doing it.

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Frank Sole – Sole Swim Solutions

Frank Sole of Sole Swim Solutions has over 20 years of experience as a premier swim tactician and triathlon coach for endurance athletes. He uses technique-driven swim coaching in working with pro triathletes, Kona qualifiers and age groupers and easily adapts to an athlete’s talents, personality and limitations.

He recognizes your abilities to maximize your swimming potential by utilizing the essential elements in his eBook, 10 B’s of Triathlon Swimming.

Frank is a USAT Level II Triathlon Coach, ASCA Level III Swim Coach, US Masters Swim Coach, Certified in World Open Water Swimming Association Coaching, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certified Exercise Professional and Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant.

Sole Swim Solutions offers a variety of online coaching services including video stroke analysis with written workouts and drills to improve your swim performance and exceed your race-day goals.

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Tri Marni Triathlon Coaching

For the past 11 years, Marni and Karel have shared a very active lifestyle together. As long-time competitive athletes, they have achieved a number of athletic accomplishments in the sport of swimming, running, triathlon and cycling. Overtime, their athletic hobby turned into a respectable and successful business.

Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition offers effective coaching and nutrition strategies designed to help athletes achieve healthy habits and athletic excellence. Trimarni believes in incorporating scientific research with practical ideologies and applying this information to real world settings to help triathletes develop and to excel on race day.

Between them both, they have successfully finished 18 Ironman triathlons and have competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii a total of six times. Marni is a Board Certified Sport Dietitian with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Karel is an experienced RETUL bike specialist, former Cat 1 cyclist and proficient bike mechanic. Between them both, they have many years of practice, education and skills from their own athletic careers and now apply that experience and knowledge to athletes of all fitness levels.

TriMarni offers a variety of services, from daily and sport nutrition consultations, sweat testing, RETUL bike fits, private and group training camps and coaching. To learn more, you can visit: 

Facebook page: Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition
Twitter: @Trimarnicoach
Instagram: @Trimarni

Susan Kitchen – Race Smart

As a lifelong endurance athlete, Susan Kitchen, owner of Race Smart, has an up close and personal understanding of the challenges many endurance athletes encounter – from sports nutrition to a training program designed specifically around your busy lifestyle.

Susan has completed more than 25 marathons, 20+-half Ironman, 8 Ironman and a two-time Kona qualifier. Regardless of your athletic ability, age, or fitness level, proper nutrition, developing healthy habits and consistent training play a fundamental role in supporting your health and performance goals. Whether your focus is weight loss, improving performance, or managing a health condition in an active lifestyle, Susan’s expert insight and personalized attention will help you overcome obstacles, optimize your nutrition, and achieve athletic excellence.

Race Smart’s Susan Kitchen is a Board Certified Sports Registered Dietitian, Level II Endurance USAT Coach, IRONMAN Coach and holds a Masters in Nutrition. Race Smart services include sports and daily nutrition consultations, sweat and electrolyte testing, and personalized triathlon coaching.

To learn more, please visit:

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